Xenia's,Palimpsests and Polaroids

They are part of a practice involving drawing, its palimpsest nature and equivalence in the computer hard drive and screen. The interaction of the user/viewer generates the narrative and sequences of images, driven by code that  presents random sequences from libraries of text and images. Images are gathered from a Camera Obscura, digital photographs and polaroids.

The Palimpsest drawing is an ongoing project, depicting the stages of an evolving drawing. Code is written to display via the users interaction  the drawing at different stages. The marks build up, disappear and develop into a palimpsest on the screen.

The Xenia piece is a narrative of an artist who paints, but his work is never seen. The works exist in myth and rumour, based on early Greek still life Xenia. Images of everything around him and a text are presented on a screen, code activated by the viewer presents sequences on the screen.