The Aleph; A Hyperfiction about being connected.

"I view him" he said with a certain unaccountable excitement, " in his inner sanctum, as though in his castle tower, supplied with telephones, telegraphs, phonographs , wireless sets, motionpicture screens, slide projectors, glossaries, timetables, handbooks, bulletins..."

The Aleph, Jorge Luis Borges


An interactive file exploring the possibilities raised by Jorge Luis Borges ‘The Aleph’ and Vannevar Bush’s Memex in the essay ‘As We May Think’. Both works were written before 1946 and in the time of acute acceleration of experiments, discovery and knowledge leading to Oppenheimers reflection "Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

The idea of all knowledge being connected interconnected and cross referenced from a single point is proposed in the Memex by Vannevar Bush. Borges gives a literary version in the Aleph, an orb that spins and everything anywhere can be seen from one point of view. In his story this involves drinking brandy and lying on your back in a cellar looking upwards.

The file is a work constructed in Flash, allowing the user or performer to navigate a series of images and sounds via touch screens. The images, text and data will all be drawn from original texts, images and data. User interaction will generate unique combinations of the sources that lead to a non-linear narrative. The sense of touch and physical interaction with the surface of the screen would lead the performer to consider the physical manipulation of data with the screen, rather than the remoteness implied by ‘traditional’ methods of interaction.

This would be a new piece of work.

Links to test peices are here, please be patient as they download.

The Aleph Appears

As We May Think Masher


Technical needs

The work can be played on a stand-alone computer, an internet enabled computer, an android tablet or a mobile phone capable of playing Adobe Flash swf files.

Input can be via a mouse, touch screen or modified trackball.


As above, the piece can use existing equipment or if not available, purchase or hire of.

Simon Chambers